We Are So Lucky In So Many Ways


A brief overview of this weekend in case you haven’t heard. LSU WON and beat the tide ! You have no idea how happy my husband and I are with this news. Being huge LSU fans here has been very hard. We got a lot of flack from Bama fans the whole week leading up to this game. We aren’t the kind to talk smack, especially since leading up to the game, each team were pretty equal. But now we have bragging rights for a whole year! We are anticipating LSU to go to the SEC champtionship in December, but we have to finish out strong against a few more oponents before I make our travel arrangements to HOTlanta. This past weekend was such a great weekend for the hubby and I. We had 2 cousins and 3 friends come stay with us for the LSU game. We had a full house indeed and enjoyed every moment of it. It really hit me how old I have gotten and how hard it is to stay out late. Being a post grad is hard to get used to. I think the majority of our group thought we could still hang. While in Tuscaloosa for the game, we met up with my husband’s fraternity brother whom we hadn’t seen since the wedding in July. It was such a great weekend for all, and we were so happy to get to visit with our family and friends. We are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family who traveled so long to see us. Cannot express how thankful we are to have them in our lives. How lucky are we to have had LSU win and have our friends and family visit us? Luckier than I think we know.

Here are some pictures from our weekend, and a video with the LSU game highlights !

Paul Bryant Stadium… Where LSU Dominated !!
I had to…
The tailgate we spent time at. The police woul not even let us step on the side walk, that’s how crazy it got.

What our neighbors left at our door Sunday morning

We’re that good


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