The Thankful Tree


This image is from a pinterest idea. How I love love love Pinterest! It’s the cure to boredom and will make anybody feel crafty. I have had the idea for the “Thankful Tree” for quite some time, but have been forgetting to make it. It is such a great idea and how amazing will it be to have so many positive thoughts sitting in your home. Having a constant reminder of things to be thankful for is certain to keep you humble and uplifted. I am going to take the pup on a walk this evening and collect some twigs to make this craft. Look for the new post tonight !

So, I did in fact make the Thankful Tree this evening, and I have pictures! This was one of the most enjoyable crafts I have done. I think it really makes it fun when you know you are doing something great. I know that this tree will bring my husband and I so much peace. 
So I gathered twigs from the local park and  trimmed them all down to be suitable for indoors. Rayne went crazy seeing the twigs and kept stealing them off of the table, so I ended up giving her one to play with. I cut some burlap and wrapped it around a vase to give it a rustic touch. Then I took yellow and orange construction paper and cut out shaped leaves (a little bit different from the picture). I caught up and wrote 10 things I was thankful for on yellow paper, the hubby will be orange. I really had so much fun making this craft, and I hope to inspire others to make one too. Your family can share so many positive feelings from the tree. Here are the pictures, enjoy ! 
 And here are a few of my favorite “Thankful” Leeaves

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