Sketti & Meat Sauce


I don’t think my husband and I can ever say “spaghetti” again. We just think it’s too fun to call it “Sketti.” This meal is up there with Tacos. Sketti and meat sauce is one of our favorite meals, and it’s so quick and easy that it always makes for a good meal. I don’t have a “from scratch” recipe, but I hope to be able to make this one day from scratch. Homemade sketti sauce is so good. I have heard some people tell me before that they put a bit of Jelly in their sauce. There are so many different combiniations to choose that it’s hard to pick just one recipe.

But, what we do for our sketti and meat sauce meals is cook our noodles first, then while the noodles are boiling we cook the meat. I try to get the 80/20 meat and then mash it up in the pan as finely as I can get the meat. Once cooked, I add the sauce. Our favorite sauce is Classico Four Cheese sauce. After the meat is cooked, drain the fat (liquid) out of the pan and then add the sauce. Turn it to simmer so it does not over cook the meat again. Let it sit until the noodles are ready. Then it is ready to serve!
If ever we have any kind of specialty bread, we love to add some garlic salt and some olive oil onto the bread and broil it for a few mins to have a nice side item. I discovered garlic salt about two years ago and cannot not put it on our bread if we are having something Italian for dinner. I never knew this little bottle of spice could add so much flavor. But I have much more to learn and am excited to share it with you if you have never used it before.

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