Halloween Wreath


This is my First wreath that I have ever made! Thanks to my new favorite website, pinterest, I got inspired to make a wreath. The wreath costed all of $8 to make ! And the wreath and pumpkins are re-usable for when I re-vamp it for Thanksgiving! I am so glad I finally decided to make one because I always thought it would be hard or too time consuming, but it was so easy! Thanks to Hobby Lobby, this DIY project was affordable, easy, and so fun to make ! I cannot wait to re-decorate it for Thanksgiving !
Also in time for Halloween is Rayne’s Halloween costume that came in the mail yesterday! She will be a Tiger this year! Go figure. I sent a list to my husband of a few other options such as a lobster, elephant, and the tiger. And well, he made the final decision for the Tiger. But, I am excited because now she can wear it when we watch our LSU Tigers play ! So, it’s a win for all. I will wait till Halloween to post a picture of her in it, but I look forward to showing y’all her costume.
Here is another one of my decorating ideas that I recently did. Instead of putting candles on the candle stick holder, I replaced it with little mini pumpkins! It came out really cute ! Easy and cute way to make your home look more seasonal 🙂


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