Time to Play Hostess!


A few weeks back we had our first gathering at our home. It was so fun to get to make all the delicious food for our new friends. Naturally, I chose some southern food for the evening. And the occasion you may ask? Well, none other than the LSU game! We are huge LSU fans and love our Saints too! But this night was all about the Tigers. And thankfully, as you probably heard, our team is doing great and we won the game that night!
So, for the main course I had one of my all time favorite southern meals, jambalaya. I use Zatarrains and then add my own seasoning and meats to add flavor, so it really will taste authentic. And… it was good! Even our friends loved it. I prepared a salad as well. Salads… are my favorite. I think it’s just so fun to mix so many ingredients together right in a bowl and watch it turn into something so tasty. A special salad dressing I use is from a restaurant called Sammy’s. It’s amazing and so so good! Our friends enjoyed the southern salad as well. I had the whole Sha-bang! It was a good night and hosting is so enjoyable. Here are some pictures of all the food and setup !


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