Rayne Rules the Roost !

Literally, this little ball of energy rules our roost indeed ! She is spoiled rotten and deserves every bit of our love. We brought her home on August 25th and ever since then we have been so entertained by this pup ! Over the past month we have learned so much about her personality and have adapted our lives to her. Weekends were rough at first, waking up at 7am to take her out, but its gotten a lot more laxed since she can sleep in with us till 10:30, what a difference! A new tradition we have made is taking her on a 3 mile walk/jog every weekend on a nearby trail. And it is absolutely beautiful there. It is like walking in a forest and the on your side is a creek that runs along the trail path, absolutely serene. After this walk, she is so exhausted that she crashes for the rest of the day. It is awesome! Her breeds she is mixed with are very high energy dogs that need lots of exercise, so these walks really do help wear her out. Enough typing, here are some pics of her from the past month, which include an adorable raincoat I bought her for $2 from TJ Maxx! Also, here is the hillarious video of Rayne getting stuck inbetween two trees on our hike! Funny because she is very smart adn got herself un-tangled pretty quickly! Smart puppy 🙂
Somebody get the sharpie and fill the rest of her nose in ! 


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