Dreaming a Little


Can’t help to dream every now and then. And today, it was all about dreaming about living on the east coast one day. My dream would be to live on Nantucket island. But, I don’t think I could live there when winter came. For a long time, I have always wanted to live on James Island, an island off of Charleston in SC. Plus, one of my dearest friends Chelsea would only be a short drive away. A lady I used to work with told me the most descriptive stories of James Island, and how she would wake up in the morning and walk out to the pier and watch the dolphins at sunrise. After that, I was so intrigued by the island. So, in my day dreaming I found some really pretty pictures & imagined my dream  home. Maybe one day my dreams will come true, but for now I just have fun thinking about it.

This would be where we would eat breakfast on a Sunday morning, have wine nights with friends,  & reunions with our family.

Oh these paddles, such a cute idea! I would have to do that somewhere. 

I would want to sport the nautical theme and wear these clothes

This is where I would ride my bicycle and go sit by the ocean and read, write, & photograph the beautiful ocean. And for the leisure ride, I will bring Rayne along with me to ride in the basket . 

These cute seafood pillows would look so cute on outdoor patio furniture 

We Love our family & friends, so this would be a dream to have a guest hideaway like this! 

Beautiful nautical patterns. Would make cute curtains! 

And, where the dream of living on the East coast all began.  One day back in 2006, when I read a magazine in Barnes & Noble about Nantucket Island. 

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