Beef Tacos


Beef tacos are my husband and I’s favorite dinner to cook. We are obsessed with Mexican food and honestly eat it too much! But I want to share my secret taco recipe with y’all! It is so quick and does not require much time or  preparation, yet it is so good! This is the perfect meal if you are in a hurry or have lots to do at night and need a quick yummy dinner. Don’t ask me how healthy or unhealthy it is.. because this meal is based on the taste test only!

Ingredients are so simple! 
1 package of 93/7 lean ground ground meat (spend the extra dollar on the better quality) 
1 package of McCormick taco seasoning
1 package of Knorr taco rice
1 bag of steam-able corn
Tony Chachere’s seasoning to add onto corn 
  1. Open rice bag and boil water until it comes to a boil, then add rice
  2. Place ground meat in a pan and cook on medium heat. Slow cooking is better for texture
  3. Rice will cook for about 10 minutes, do not open lid on pot. Rice cooks by steam. 
  4. After meat is browned, simmer the heat, and add 3/4 cup of water then drizzle taco seasoning. 
  5. Mix in seasoning evenly and then cover pan with aluminum foil or pot lid and let it sit for at least 10 minutes. 
  6. Then prepare taco shells or tortillas. Soak paper towels in water and add them inbetween each tortilla to soften them. Place in microwave for about 30-45 seconds. 
  7. Place corn in microwave for 4-5mins 
  8. Add cilantro to ground meat to add a little something extra. 

Begin to cook meat and rice

Rice is ready after 10 minutes

Easy container to use to warm tortillas 

This little cutie was a big distraction while cooking 😉 

My favorite seasoning ingredient is Tony Chachere’s, it’s amazing on anything! It’s great on corn

Final product! It is so incredibly yummy!


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