New Addition


Today, we officially welcomed our puppy Rayne into our home. Yesterday, my husband and I made an hour long drive to meet her. After getting to the shelter and realizing that it was a High Kill shelter, I took one look at her and said “YES.” It was so hard for me though because her sister is still at the shelter, and we just cannot take two at this time. I am really praying for her that she will get adopted soon. So after we made the decision to get the puppy, they required her to be spayed before leaving. So today, I picked her up from the vet. Poor little girl was so woozy from the anesthesia that she had been sick most of her day. I put her in the car on the passenger floor wrapped in a towel and shut the door. By the time I walked to my side, she was already in the drivers seat. We played this game for quite a few minutes until I gave in to her sweet face. But, I don’t regret it, because that little pup slept on my lap the entire 1 hour drive home. WOW. The next stop was Petco, and again, she was all bundled in her towel and slept the whole time at the store. When we got home, she made me so nervous. Apparently it is normal for puppies to shake/shiver/whimper after being spayed. Because this poor baby has been doing it all day. It only just recently stopped, thank goodness. Now we are on potty training duty and dutifully monitoring her whereabouts to prevent as many accidents as we can. We are using the treat/praise/crate method as of now. Where she potties outside, we give her a treat, then at night or while we are gone she sleeps in her crate. Does anyone have any other methods that worked? We are trying to get as much headway with her before I begin work in a week and a half.

Meet Rayne ! 
Meeting Rayne for the first time!

I love her spots, so cute !

This is the car ride home. She slept the whole way home. 
All she did was sleep today

Spots, Spots, Spots ! 

Oh, she’s already spoiled! Petco had a toy sale too! 

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