Getting THE Job


Yesterday 8/22, I received some great news about a job I had been interviewing with for the past four weeks. I went on 3 separate interviews with six different people. Since it was my first “real” interview out of college, I was so nervous. Each time I felt different, really not knowing how I did. For my privacy I won’t disclose the position, but I did qualify for the job because I have a bachelor’s degree in Communications Studies. I know you are supposed to wait a day or so to accept (usually) but I couldn’t.. This job was too exciting for me to hold off on, and I really wanted it, Bad. I probably sounded like a looney accepting the position because I couldn’t find the right words to say, I combined a few words, and stuttered. But oh well, they probably got a good laugh!

Now… I start work in a few weeks and really have to start thinking about my appearance. Since I always like to include pictures, I think I am going to post pictures of possible work attire I’d be interested in wearing.

First, is a cute knit top from Target for $19.99 
And it would look really cute with these straight leg pants from Banana Republic, $49.95
For jewelry, I am very subtle. So I would wear a necklace similar to this. $4.80 from Forever 21
For shoes, I am big fan of nude color shoes. So these look similar to my Jessica Simpson pair that I have. These are from Steve Madden on sale for $34.99
For a chilly workspace add a simple cardigan. This one from for $34.99 
To add a little something extra, you can wrap a belt (black) around the waist. This one is $2.80 from Forever 21 
And for my Jackie O inspired attire, I choose one of my favorite designers Antonio Melani. For those who know me, she is my fashion icon and I always try to channel her style.
And for the Skirt Lovers, I couldn’t resist posting this beautiful rose skirt from Banana Republic for $110
Blazers for some people are a must at work, and I have this exact blazer from Zara, and absolutely love it. It is chic and goes with just about anything and anytime of the year. 
And add a cardigan to add some color to your outfit. This cardigan is also at Zara. 
For all the ZARA lovers. ZARA will offer online shopping for the US starting the first week of September !!!! 
So that’s just a little something. It’s more of an inspiration board for myself and for anyone who may want some ideas for their own work wardrobe. 
I hope you enjoyed it! 

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