Dinner On A Budget


We really surprised ourselves with this one. Our dinner cost all of $7.24 + tax to eat the other night. While at Publix picking out our weekly amount of groceries, we decided to get creative. The first meal we cooked was Shish-kebabs and Caribbean rice. The kebab cost $5.24, and it included the vegetables. We added some Caribbean Rice from my all time favorite southern brand, Zatarains.
For those not familiar, here is what the box looks like. They have all kinds of other rice blends, such as jambalaya, rice pilaf, and more. All blended with cajun spice!

My husband BBQ the kebabs, while I made the rice. Very simple, just 5 minutes of prep time, and 25 minutes of cook time. The Kebabs took about 25 minutes to cook as well. With that, this meal can be made in 30 minutes! Talk about saving time. 
It will feed two adults. 
The end result surpassed our expectations. This is now one of our favorite meals we have cooked. We even had leftovers! And with the affordable price, you know we’ll be picking this up again at Publix! 
Let me know if you decide to try this! And tell me how you made it your own! 

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